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Norplex-Micarta TOP

A paper-base laminate with low phenolic resin content for hard, flat surfaces.

Woven glass fabric with high temperature epoxy resin.

Woven glass fabric epoxy laminate.

Canvas machining grade for structural and mechanical applications.

Manufactured with a domestic cotton fabric and phenolic resin.

This is a medium strength low cost alternative to other glass-epoxy laminates.

This has a high flexural, impact and bond strength at room temperatures, has ...

This is a high strength, low cost alternative to other G-11 laminates.

Combines excellent mechanical strength with good dimensional stability for use ...

This is a high strength and arc resistant material.

Has excellent electrical properties and excellent heat and arc resistance.

This is a high strength and arc resistant material.

Fine weave (less than 4 ounces/square yard) cotton fabric commonly called ...

Similar to NP320 with improved moisture resistance.

Phenolic paper based grade for mechanical applications.

Hot punching general-purpose phenolic grade.

Has good machining and fair mechanical strength.

NEMA Grade XXX (NP630)has good dimensional stability and excellent resistance ...

Norplex Micarta MC223 has high moisture resistance, mechanical strength, ...

This is a self lubricating cotton phenolic.

This grade has good mechanical and machining properties.

Micarta® StatNot™ is the superior high performance composite to protect ...



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