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What is CustomerAdvantage?

It sums up Port Plastics' customer service policy and offers you the benefits from 50 years of innovation in services and materials ... growing alongside our customers and suppliers ... building relationships on trust and reliability, and delivering the best solution -- when you need it.

As a Port Plastics customer, you have access to these advantages:
Complete plastics portfolios for all major industries
Consistently high quality products -- shipment after shipment
New products with the latest problem-solving materials technology
Fast response from top suppliers who stock locally and from within our multi-branch network
Experienced people to offer you the best cost-performance solutions and choices
Access to top suppliers' tech support on tough fabrication and application problems
Low cost, with the buying power of a major distributor for all top suppliers
A commitment to supply what's specified -- no "just as good" surprises


It comes with every shipment. It's built on what we continue to learn from our customers to keep them coming back to Port Plastics.

Industry-Specific, Problem-Solving Product Portfolios from a Single Source


Major product lines for some of the industries we serve include:

  • ESd grades of all engineering plastics
  • CMP, etch, and back end test materials including: Techtron PPS, standard and ESd Torlon PAI; Ultem PEI, polyimides, polycarbonate
  • FM 4910 materials from FRPP up to PFA for wet bench applications
  • FDA and USP Class VI compliant machinining stock, sheet and tubing including: Ketron PEEK Classix and LSG, Radel PPSU, Ultem PEI, Symalit/Kynar PVDF; Tivar UHMW, ABS, acetal, acrylic, polycarbonate, polysulfone; full range of tubing including Tygon and Chemfluor products
  • Borated Borotron PE sheet
  • Regulatory-compliant formable sheet products for interiors: Kydex sheet products; FR ABS, MAKROLON polycarbonate
  • High performance bearing and wear resistant machining stock: Torlon PAI, Ketron HPV PEEK, Techtron HPV PPS, Ertalyte TX, Delrin AF
  • Aircraft and transit vehicle polycarbonate and acrylic glazing
  • Full range of corrosion-resistant sheet products for tanks, process surfaces
  • Rod, sheet, and tube-for seals, housings, fittings, components: Torlon PAI, PEEK, PTFE, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, Flourosint, PVC-C
  • Rigid and flexible tubing
  • FDA compliant engineering plastics machining stock and tubing
  • Enhanced bearing and wear materials for longer component life: Ertalyte TX; Ketron PEEK, HPV; Nylatron NSM, Fluorosint HPV, Delrin AF; Nylatron
  • Clear sheet products for windows, guards; olefin sheet for prep surfaces: MAKROLON, Optix and Acrylite acrylic, UHMW, HDPE
  • Standard and abrasion - weather resistant sheet for glazing, partitions, doors: Optix and Acrylite acrylic, MAKROLON AR and MAK 15 polycarbonate
  • UV resistant sheet for skylighting, covered walkways, barrel vaults: MAKROLON MAK UV Polycarbonate, Optix and Acrylite acrylic
  • Multiwall, textured, ballistics, and containment glazing
  • Clear and translucent sheet for illuminated signs, display cases, and fixtures: MAKROLON SL polycarbonate, Optix and Acrylite acrylics, VIVAK PETG
  • Printing and lettering substrates, mounting materials: Expanded/foam PVC, fluted PP, multi-color, HDPE, HD urethanes, films



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