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Manufacturer: Seelye, Inc.

SI-1005: MODEL 63 WELDER - The basic Seelye welder for fast economical plastics welds. Comes with heavy duty air regulator and round tip.

SI-1002: MODEL 63 KIT- Contains welder, one round tip, one tacking tip and carrying case.

SI-1167: MODEL 63 PORTA WELDER KIT - Self contained and portable. HD air compressor plus contents of SI-1002.

SI-1188: SUPER WELDER - Controlled heat settings from 400°F to 900°F. Control on the handle for temperature change, thermostat controlled. Cooler barrel reduces risk of injury.

SI-1189: SUPER PLASTIC WELDER KIT - Same as SI-1188 with second tip plus carrying case.

SI-1193: SUPER PORTA WELDER KIT - Completely self-contained portable welding unit. Includes air compressor, tacking tip, and round tip.

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