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Manufacturer: Port Plastics, Inc.

A fusion of aluminum’s strength with plastics' lightweight and versatility. 2 Aluminum sheets on a solid polyethylene core provide a durable lightweight substrate for outdoor applications. Available in a wide array of colors and metallic finishes.

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Features & Benefits

Aluplast aluminum composite material fuses an outer aluminum “skin” with a solid plastic core. The result is an exceptionally strong, lightweight and cost-effective sheet that delivers lasting aesthetics and design versatility for:

Exterior, Interior and structural Signs

Exhibits, displays and kiosks

Architectural and transportation equipment panels


Aluplast XR: Extreme rigidity With an aluminum skin thickness of 0.020˝, this exceptionally strong sheet material performs in structural, architectural, marine and transportation equipment applications where ultra-high strength, rigidity and long life are essential.

Aluplast SR: Superior rigidity Two pre-finished 0.012˝ thick aluminum sheets on a solid polyethylene core provide a durable lightweight substrate for outdoor applications. The SR grade affords design versatility with the ability to be curved as well as V-grooved and bent. It can be used in some structural applications and for low-rise architectural facia.

Aluplast HR: High rigidity Aluplast HR has an 0.008˝ aluminum skin and can be curved to generous radii for creative designs. The material can be v-grooved, but for non-structural applications. It makes an excellent substrate for exterior and interior sign, display and graphics applications, and non-load bearing panels.

Aluplast FP: Flat panel grade Economical FP was developed for flat panel use in indoor and outdoor graphics, sign and display applications requiring less structural rigidity.



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