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Manufacturer: Quadrant

QuickSilver truck liners, exclusively from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, are designed to clean out and cleanup of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions. These liners release sticky materials, meaning faster load release, less equipment damage, reduced chance of tip-over, less wear on hoists, minimal cleanup and reduced downtime.

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Anyplace you have bulk material handling issues, we can offer a solution with our QuickSilver and Durapro lining materials.

We don’t just do traditional square bottom trailers either. We can line just about any bulk material trailer you can pull down the highway behind a tractor: dump bodies, end dump trailers, square bottoms, round bottoms, hybrids, belly dumps, hopper dumps, live bottom trailers, roll-offs, tippers, etc.

With two times the wear of steel and four times the wear of aluminum at more than half the weight, the question to ask is why haven’t you looked into QuickSilver and Durapro liners?



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