Within the manufacturing of food products much technology is required to develop way to package the final products for distribution, storage and sales.  Process steps including filling, boxing, capping, closing, sealing, packing and wrapping are required for the packaging of finished products.  Plastics plays an important role in each of these functions.  NAP carries a full portfolio of products to support the food and pharma packaging industry. 

Factors in Material Selection

  • Hygiene, sanitation, easy access, ease of cleaning
  • Level of friction – lower CoF, less lubrication required
  • Mean Time Between Repairs

Typical Applications

  • Filling Nozzles
  • Forming Blocks

Common Materials (Food Grade)​

  • PEEK
  • PPS
  • PET
  • PE

Featured Materials​

  • TECAPEEK UD Blue – With a heat deflection temperature over 300°F, and excellent resistance to a wide range of cleaning chemicals, TECAPEEK UD blue offers engineers peace of mind regardless of the severity of the environment.
  • Fluoroscint 207 – Used to increase the usage life over PTFE, this PTFE blend offers high temperature resistance, low CLTE, low abrasion and anti stick properties to make this product a perfect fit in demanding packaging applications.