Back End Test & Related Materials

No segment of Semiconductor plastics have been more impacted from miniaturization than Back End Test.  Almost all IC devises must be tested for functionality over a wide range of parameters.  In performing the test, a jig is required to fix the IC chip properly for testing. That jig is called a Burn In Socket.  Small pins called pogo pins are inserted thru the plastic nest & must touch a precise area of the chip to perform the test.  The Burn In Sockets design is determined by the IC Chip it secures, the smaller the chip features, the smaller the hole pattern required.

The significance of this miniaturization is profound in selecting the right material for your application.  Smaller transistors means smaller holes in more compact area which then means the material must be both machinable for small features while maintaining mechanical stability and dimensional stability to perform.  Obtaining these factors in the formulation of polymers is difficult as they work against each other when developing polymer solutions.  More machinable usually equates to less stability!

Port Plastics is a leading distributor in supplying materials to the Back End Test segment.  Our experts keep a pulse on this rapidly moving market and can work with you to select the optimum product for your application. 

Critical Factors In Selecting Materials for B.E.T applications

  • Flex Modulus – maintain integrity under load
  • Tensile Elongation – hole pattern and placement accuracy
  • Melting Point – burr reduction during machining
  • CLTE – Maintain dimensions over a temperature range
  • Moisture Absorption – maintain dimensions when exposed to moisture

Feature Products

  • Semitron® MDS -100 –  Laminated PEEK based super polymer that delivers a high level of machinability, even down to 0.08mm holes, while delivering over 1,400,000 psi flexural modulus, low moisture absorption and low CLTE.

  • TECAPEEK® LP TV20 – Newest in thin plate technology on the market, this modified PEEK plate is available from 0.4mm thick up to 3.5mm.  Its perfect to dial in that thickness for savings while delivering extreme stability and flatness.

  • Semitron® GC-100 – Injection molded PEEK based polymer system delivering a balance of cost vs performance.  With over 1.0 Million flexural modulus and available in 6, 9 and 12mm thickness, GC-100 may be a perfect choice for your challenging application

  • TECASINT® LP – Polyimide laminate developed to provide a high physical property thin plate material to the Back End Test market.  Available in 0.3mm plate up to 3.5mm, this is the perfect solution if your application requires PI but you want to maximize cost.