Vacuum Chamber Applications

Whether it’s the harsh environment of an etch chamber or the extreme sensitivity of an ion implant chamber designers have become challenged when choosing plastic materials due to increasing electrode powers & increasingly harsh plasmas all while maintaining strict purity requirements. Still in applications where quartz, ceramic and metallic substrates are not optimal, plastic materials offer unique solutions to solve difficult design problems.

Relevant Trends Effecting Material Selection

  • Ionic purity & low outgassing
  • Fluorocarbon & oxygen plasma resistance
  • Temperature & machinability

Typical Applications

  • Etch focus & clamp rings
  • Chamber screws & pins
  • Shower heads
  • Valve housings & thermocouples
  • Chamber liners & insulators

Featured Materials

  • Semitron® MPR-1000 – polymer plus ceramic blend developed to withstand oxygen plasma & yet deliver ultra pure properties
  • TECASINT® LP – high heat thermally stable ultra thin plastic sheet designed for use in gaskets, insulators and chamber linings