TECAFLON PVDF ELS is a filled PVDF fluoropolymer with conductive carbon black offering an electrical conductive PVDF. It combines high thermal loading resistance, high density

Polystone® PVDF

Polystone® PVDF is a vinylidene-fluoride-based polymerisate outstanding for its excellent chemical resistance, excellent machinability and universal applicability. Because of its special properties Polystone® PVDF is


TECAFLON® PVDF material (chemically known as polyvinylidene fluoride) is manufactured by Ensinger in standard stock shapes for machining  in sheet and rods. Polyvinylidene fluoride is

Rulon® W2 PTFE

Rulon® W2 PTFE is a black PTFE-based material developed for use in fresh-water applications. It exhibits low friction and excellent wear characteristics (one of the

Rulon® J PTFE

Rulon® J PTFE is an all-polymeric standard reinforced, dull gold colored PTFE compound that operates exceptionally well against soft mating surfaces such as 316 stainless

Rulon® 142 PTFE

Rulon® 142 PTFE is a specially formulated dull blue-green linear bearing material that exhibits low wear, high thermal dissipation, and good dimensional stability characteristics. Among

Rulon® 123 PTFE

Rulon® 123 PTFE is a glossy black non-abrasive compound for softer mating surfaces, such as stainless steel. This material has excellent chemical resistance and is

Fluorosint® HPV PTFE

Fluorosint® HPV PTFE is a high-performance bearing grade of Fluorosint – optimized for high PV and very low “K” or wear factor. Fluorosint HPV PTFE

Fluorosint® 135 PTFE

Fluorosint® 135 is a PTFE material designed to provide the lowest coefficient of friction and deformation for seals, bearings, and washer applications. Designed to improve

Fibracon® PTFE – Virgin

Fibracon® PTFE – Virgin is a high-performance fluoropolymer with excellent chemical resistance, wide operating temperature from -200°C to +260°C, and it has an exceptionally low


FLEXO® is a lightweight jacketing for bundling and protecting wire, cables, and hoses.

Flametec® Kytec® PVDF

Flametec® Kytec® is a fluoropolymer that is versatile engineering plastic with a balance of physical and chemical properties that qualify it for high performance service in a wide range of applications.


Free of fillers, lubricant, and plasticizers which could leach and contaminate.


ECTFE is resistant to strong bases, leaching, and permeation.

Rulon® LR PTFE

Modified Rulon® LR designed to increase the mechanical properties for slightly more load capacity with a corresponding decrease in flexibility.


Kytec® polyvinylidene fluoride, the homopolymer of 1, 1-difluoroethene, is a tough engineering thermoplastic that offers a unique balance of properties.



PVDF is strong and tough as reflected by its tensile properties and impact strength.

Fluorosint® 500 PTFE

Fluorosint® 500 has nine times greater resistance to deformation under load than unfilled PTFE.


Fluorosint® 207 PTFE

Fluorosint® 207’s unmatched dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance and white color uniquely position this material to serve FDA regulated applications.

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