Seaboard® Utility

Seaboard® Utility is an economical grade of lightweight foamed HDPE that is ideal for non-UV applications. Advantages of Seaboard® Utility: Superior scratch resistance Superior screw

Seaboard® Supreme DS

Seaboard® Supreme DS is a specially formulated foamed core material that has more stiffness and twice the normal dimensional stability of Seaboard® HDPE. Advantages of

Seaboard® Grip-X™

Seaboard® Grip-X™ UV stabilized material is textured for enhanced traction and slip resistance. It is ideal for step and flooring applications. Advantages of Seaboard® Grip-X™:

Seaboard® Endurabond

Seaboard® Endurabond™ material provides structural and bonding properties for marine and other applications. Unlike wood, Endurabond will not rot, corrode, delaminate or splinter. Endurabond offers

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