Test Socket non ESD

TECAPEEK® LP natural

TECAPEEK® LP is a natural PEEK that is available in an adjustable thickness ranging from 0.4mm up to 3.5mm thick. Available in plates sizes of


TECAPEEK LP TV20 is a ceramic filled PEEK material that is available in adjustable thickness ranging from 0.4mm up to 3.5mm thick.  Perfect for dialing


TECASINT LP is a polyimide laminate developed to provide a high physical property thin plate material to the Back End Test market.  Available in 0.3mm

Duratron® PEI U1000 Extruded

Duratron® PEI U1000 Extruded is an amorphous polymer offering high strength and excellent flame and heat resistance. It performs continuously to 340°F (170°C), making it


TECAPEI natural (PEI) is an unreinforced polyetherimide, suitable for contact with foods, that exhibits high mechanical strength and rigidity. The characteristic profile includes very good


SUSTAPEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that has excellent dimensional stability. Additionally, it has low smoke density, flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties. Advantages of SUSTAPEEK: Excellent

Kyron® GC-100

Kyron® GC-100 is an injection-molded, high-temperature material offering outstanding stiffness and machinability without the presence of fiber. It is designed specifically for burn-in and test

Duratron® PAI T5030 GF PAI Extruded

Duratron® PAI T5030 GF PAI Extruded is 30% glass-reinforced. It offers high rigidity, retention of stiffness, a low expansion rate and improved load carrying capabilities.

Ketron® 1000 PEEK

This general purpose grade is unreinforced and offers the highest elongation and toughness of all PEEK grades.

Semitron® MDS 100

Semitron® MDS 100 has a remarkable combination of strength, stiffness and stability

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