Sign, Graphics & Display

AcryCycle® Acrylic

AcryCycle® Acrylic is a thermoplastic sheet with excellent transparency, impact, and weather resistance. Widely use as a lightweight or shatter-resistant alternative to glass. Made from

Acrycast Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

Greencast® is 100% recycled acrylic sheet in clear and colored sheet. Plastic waste is a global problem be part of the solution go GreenCast.

Celtec® Expanded PVC

Celtec® Expanded PVC family of graphic and display materials, pvc foam boards and expanded pvc sheets offers the print and design communities a broad range

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White)

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White) designed specifically for outdoor applications where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and impact strength are critical. Performance tests indicate that

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC material offers the print and design communities the flexibility to go bold with creativity while enjoying the same quality and ease

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC sheets are designed for wide format display applications that demand the highest quality wood grain board materials, Celtec® Woodgrain adds a striking

Celtec® DigiLite®

Celtec® DigiLite® low density PVC foam board delivers economical design flexibility for sign makers and printers, backed by the same premium print quality as our

ABS 750

Prime ABS 750 is a general purpose ABS product that has good impact strength, and good hot strength for thermoforming. It is an amorphous thermoplastic


Aluplast™ ACM

Aluplast aluminum composite material fuses an outerA fusion of aluminum’s strength with plastics’ lightweight and versatility aluminum ‘skin’ with a solid plastic core.


Vacuum Forming

The PVI 406X Vacuum Former can produce a finished product or we can prepare materials for your manufacturing process.Available at Tucson Arizona Location.


IntePro® fluted polypropylene and polyethylene boards are a durable, light-weight alternative to wood, corrugated paper, and solid plastic sheets.


Plasticor® fluted polypropylene sheets are corona treated and are lightweight and durable.


Impact Polystyrene

Impact Polystyrene is produced by introducing elastomers such as polybutadiene into the polystyrene matrix for impact modification.


PVC Integral Foam Sheet

PVC Integral Foam Sheet is a light weight, low density, chemically expanded rigid PVC sheet produced by using integral foaming process.



ABS is amorphous terpolymer composed of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene.


PVC Free Foam Sheet

PVC Free Foam Sheet is light weight, low density, chemically expanded, rigid foamed PVC sheet with an exceptionally fine, homogeneously closed cell structure.



VIVAK offers a unique balance of physical properties and ease of fabrication. It is ideally suited for complex parts requiring fabrication, including deep thermoforming…

Tuffak® SL Sign Grade

UV resistant
Tuffak® SL sheet is virtually unbreakable with 30 times the impact strength of acrylic and approximately 10 times that of impact modified acrylic.

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