Bayer MaterialScience

Corrugated Polycarbonate

Corrugated Polycarbonate sheet is a virtually unbreakable, lightweight, corrugated-shaped panel offering various light transmissions by color.

TUFFAK® GP Patterns

Tuffak® GP Textures sheet is a clear, patterned surface, UV-stabilized polycarbonate for obscure glazing applications.

Tuffak® AR

Abrasion Resistant
Tuffak® AR abrasion and UV-resistant sheet offers glass-like surface hardness coupled with the impact strength of standard polycarbonate.

Tuffak® FD

Food Grade
Tuffak® FD Sheet is a clear, non UV stabilized polycarbonate sheet for food & medical applications requiring FDA compliance.


Flame Inhibiting
Tuffak® FI Sheets are clear, flame-inhibiting polycarbonate formulations for electrical & electronic device applications.

Tuffak® GP

General Purpose
Tuffak® GP sheet is a clear, polished surface, UV-stabilized polycarbonate for use in general glazing and industrial applications.

Tuffak® SL Sign Grade

UV resistant
Tuffak® SL sheet is virtually unbreakable with 30 times the impact strength of acrylic and approximately 10 times that of impact modified acrylic.

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