Celtec® Expanded PVC

Celtec® Expanded PVC family of graphic and display materials, pvc foam boards and expanded pvc sheets offers the print and design communities a broad range

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White)

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White) designed specifically for outdoor applications where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and impact strength are critical. Performance tests indicate that

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC material offers the print and design communities the flexibility to go bold with creativity while enjoying the same quality and ease

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC sheets are designed for wide format display applications that demand the highest quality wood grain board materials, Celtec® Woodgrain adds a striking

Celtec® DigiLite®

Celtec® DigiLite® low density PVC foam board delivers economical design flexibility for sign makers and printers, backed by the same premium print quality as our

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