Semitron® ESd 300 PET

Semitron® ESd 300 PET uses PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester resin known for its toughness, chemical resistance and dimensional stability.  By offering higher dimensional

Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK

Semitron® ESd 490 HR PEEK uses PEEK as a base resin. PEEK offers excellent properties in terms of wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and

Semitron® ESd 420V PEI

Semitron® ESd 420V is a Static Dissipative material that uses PEI Ultem® as a base resin.  Semitron® ESd 420 offers excellent stability of physical and

Semitron® ESd 225 POM

Semitron® ESd 225 is ideal for fixturing used in manufacturing of hard disk drives or for handling in-process silicon wafers.

Semitron® ESd 480 PEEK

Semitron® MP 370 offers more choices in the design and manufacture of precision test sockets for the semiconductor manufacture industry.

Semitron® MDS 100

Semitron® MDS 100 has a remarkable combination of strength, stiffness and stability

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