Excelon™ R-4000 Transparent Rigid PVC Pipe


Transparent Rigid PVC Pipe


Where visual control and systems reliability are in vital demand, Excelon™ R-4000 can be used for solid, liquid, semi pneumatic and pnuematic systems in food and facilities, and electroplating and photofinishing systems.


– Superior clarity

– Heat formability

– Excellent impact resistance UL rated 94-VO.

– Non toxic

– Desirable for use in dual containment systems

– Complies with FDA Ref 175.300, 178.2650, 178.3790, and 3A approved

– Meets or exceeds standards in Pharmacopoeia XIX, Class VI, pp 664.647

– Meets or exceeds standards in National Formulary, Vol 14, pp 880.884 containers for injectables (plastics)