High impact, thermoplastic sheet with integral pearlescent effect, specifically formulated to meet low heat release requirements and improve passenger safety.

KYDEX® 6523HI was designed to provide material deformation when used in components subject to the HIC test (Head Injury Criterion) – increasing passenger safety. It meets flammability and smoke development requirements outlined in Federal Aviation Regulations 25.853 paragraphs (a) and (d).


  • Pearlescent

Suggested Applications:

  • Seat parts
  • Seatback shells
  • Tray tables
  • Monitor shrouds
  • Bulkhead laminates


  • Improved impact properties over traditional thermoplastics for HIC compliance seating requirements
  • Reduce cost of compliance by decreasing the total number of expensive and time consuming 16g tests required
  • Increase design freedom to create more complex seat geometries
  • Decrease weight by eliminating the need for heavy reinforcements or thick gauges
  • Meets the stringent requirements of FAR 25.853 paragraph (d) in all thicknesses and colours
  • Excellent formability and fabrication characteristics
  • Processes similar to KYDEX® 6503
  • Allows for tight tolerance control
  • Available in a wide range of colors