PC-350™ Polycarbonate

PC-350™ Polycarbonate is a plastic sheet product that controls static electricity for many applications, including bent and contoured equipment covers, guards, enclosures, and panels. It is a premium quality polycarbonate sheet coated with SciCron Technologies clear, C-350™ static dissipative coating which prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces.

This controls particulate attraction and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) events completely independent of humidity. PC-350 Polycarbonate fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes. It has excellent clarity and chemical resistance, plus superior impact resistance, flame-spread properties, and bending characteristics.

Benefits of PC-350™ Polycarbonate:

  • Surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms per square
  • Permanence in static dissipation performance
  • Humidity independent static control
  • Superior impact control
  • Superior flame spread properties
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Resists tribocharging under all circumstances and cannot generate a charge when properly grounded


  • Ideal for use in manufacturing and assembly operations for charge sensitive electrical components
  • Cleanrooms
  • Panels and fabricated items
  • Transparent room partitions
  • Laminar air flow containment screens

Target Industries:

  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Micro-manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-medical