Tecaform SD


SD – Static Dissipative Acetal

Telaform SD is an electrically active composite made up of acetal and a non-carbon, non-fiber filler. Hydel ASD provides excellent wear resistance and anti-static properties (surface resistivity of 10*9-10*11 ohms/sq).

Telaform SD can be used for wear applications in assemblies where the prevention and/or the controlled dissipation of static charges is required. Components such as rollers, bushings, gears, hinges, and wear strips used in equipment utilizing semi conductor and electronic devices are ideal candidates for Hydel ASD.

Telaform SD has the following features:
– Telaform SD will dissipate static electrical charges at a controlled rate that will not damage sensitive semi–conductor devices.
– Telaform SD has outstanding wear resistance and will outlast steel, brass, bronze, and aluminum in most applications.
– Telaform SD is non-sloughing (no conductive particle generation during wear).
– Telaform SD’s natural color is off white and the material is fully colorable.
– Telaform SD shares the excellent dimensional stability and machinability properties offered by acetal.