Triple Clip


Polycarbonate glazing panel system is the ultimate product designed specifically for architectural glazing. Triple Clip panels are “clipped” together using an aluminum base profile which is anchored to the structure and a polycarbonate cap profile. The result is a beautiful, uniform, air and water tight glazing surface that delivers all the best characteristics of polycarbonate glazing.



– A Hidden Connection: The aluminum base profile, which is fastened to structure support members, is hidden from view. There is no need to drill holes in the panels. The polycarbonate cap profile neatly finishes off the outside glazing surface for a beautiful, uniform finish.

– Thermal Expansion: Free thermal expansion is allowed by the “sliding in profile” configuration of the Triple Clip system. This both prevents buckling and allows greater spans between support structures.

– Energy Efficient: The third interior wall increases insulation performance, offering significant saving in energy costs.

– Leakproof: The polycarbonate cap profile snaps tightly into the aluminum base profile, holding the panels solidly in place and preventing water from entering or air from escaping

– Unlimited Design Possibilities: Beautiful, uniform glazing areas of unlimited width can be achieved with the unique connection-point design. Cold-formed arches are easily constructed on the job site.

– Extremely Easy-To-Use: Lightweight, triple-wall panels assemble with ease using the base and cap profile to join them together and anchor them soundly. The ideal product for both professional and do-it yourself applications.