Tygon® 2375 Chemical Transfer Tubing

Tygon® 2375 Chemical Transfer Tubing offers an unequaled combination of chemical resistance, clarity and flexibility. It is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts and alcohols. Tygon® 2375 flexible tubing is specially engineered to deliver just that outstanding performance in an environment where harsh chemicals are used in either industrial or institutional cleaning applications to ensure sanitation and hygiene safety.

Entirely free of plasticizers, Tygon® 2375 tubing eliminates fluid contamination as well as premature brittleness and cracking, commonly seen with many other flexible tubings. It is also environmentally friendly and can be disposed safely. When properly incinerated, it does not release hazardous and corrosive hydrochloride gas, which has been proven to be a contributing factor of acid rain.

Advantages of Tygon® 2375 Chemical Transfer Tubing:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Non-DEHP for high purity
  • Plasticizer-free for low extractable
  • Safer disposal – Releases no harmful and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas
  • Smoother inner surface – Provides better flow and inhibits particulate buildup
  • Low sorption – Minimizes cross-contamination and maintains media purity
  • Clear tubing for easier and better observation


  • Industrial/institutional cleaning
  • Chemical transfer systems
  • Transfer lines for chemical analyzers
  • Detergent supply lines
  • Ink and printing fluid dispensing
  • Industrial X-ray processing
  • Power generation sampling and drain lines
  • Paint and solvent production
  • Hazardous materials handling