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Manufacturer: Atlas Fibre Company

Atlas Fibre Rod is uniformly dense and solid material. It is produced by the application of heat and pressure to layers of paper, cotton fabric, or glass cloth impregnated with a synthetic resin. The material is then turned and precision ground into rods of various grades, colors and diameters, all of which are readily machinable into finished parts. The materials are exceptionally versatile because of their unusual combination of properties.




- All grades are light in weight (about half the weight of aluminum)

- Will not soften appreciably under the reapplication of heat

- Dense and structurally strong

- Resistant to moisture

- Good electrical insulators


A grade similar in composition and properties of Grade G-10/FR4, but more suitable for mechanical/electrical applications at elevated temperatures. Grade G-11 maintains more than 50% of its flexural strength at 300°F while maintaining all of its electrical properties.

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Features & Benefits

- Terminal Boards
- Wear Blocks
- Piston Rings


- Diameter: from 1/16" up to 6" (Varies with material type.)
- Lengths: Grades XXX, CE, G-7, G-9, G10, G-11- 4ft nominal.
- Grade LE over 1/2" diameter - 4ft nominal.
- Grade LE diameter and under 6ft nominal.
- Longer or special lengths on request.

- All materials are available in natural color.
- Grades XXX, CE, and LE are often available in Black at a 5% premium.



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