What is a pump?

A PUMP is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases) by mechanical action. When a pump contains two or more pump mechanisms with fluid being directed to flow through them in series, it is called a multi-stage pump. Terms such as two-stage or double-stage may be used to describe the number of stages specifically. In contrast, a pump that does not fit this description is simply a single-stage pump .

Types of Polymers used in DYNAMIC Pumps that impart velocity and pressure to move fluid:​​

  • PTFE & Filled Grades of PTFE​
  • PEEK​
  • Carbon fiber filled PEEK​
  • Polyimide​
  • PAI

Types of Polymers used in POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT Pumps which lift a volume of fluid per cycle:​​

  • PTFE & Filled Grades of PTFE​
  • UHMW PE​
  • PPS​
  • PEEK​
  • Carbon fiber PEEK​
  • PI & PAI

Two Pump Types: Dynamic and Positive Displacement​

Two Pump Types

Where are pumps primarily used​

  • Oil and Gas Processing​
  • Power Generation​
  • Water Treatment​
  • General Industry​​

Polymer Components in Rotavating Equipment​

  • Wear Rings​
  • Guide Rings​
  • Bushings​
  • Shaft Sleeves​​

Common materials in API Pumps parts:​

  • PEEK​
  • Glass Filled PEEK​
  • Carbon Fiber PEEK​
  • PTFE ​
  • Filled PTFE​
  • UHMW​
  • PAI​

Components of a Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Typical Single Stage Pump Applications using Polymers:​​

  • Shaft Sleeves​
  • Labyrinth seal​
  • Mechanical Seal (secondary sealing)​
  • Wear rings​
  • Suction & Discharge Nozzle​
  • Impeller​
  • Throat Bushings​
  • Impeller spacers
Single-Stage Centrifugal pump

Common Plastic Materials used in Single-stage Pump Components:​​

  • UHMW-PE​
  • PPS​
  • PEEK​
  • Carbon Fiber Filled PEEK​
  • Engineered Grades of PTFE​
  • PAI