The Semiconductor Industry is constantly changing driven by technology.  Todays most advanced IC chips are approaching the sub nanometer node size.  It was only 2006 when the ground breaking 65nm node chips such as the Intel Core was launched, a mere 60 times larger than todays cutting edge technology.  This constant changing industry has profound impact on the plastics required to service it.  Though in the background, plastic materials play a critical role in the manufacturing and testing of IC chips.  Highly specialized plastic materials are critical in the precision processing equipment used to manufacture the IC chips.  Each process tool type has unique requirements placed on the selection of the proper material.  Todays designers and engineers are faced with several factors for material optimization such as:

  • Risk of Contamination
  • Longevity and Performance
  • Cost optimization
  • Precision Machinability

Port Plastics plays a crucial role in the selection of plastic materials for both Process Tools and Back End Test.  We offer the unique understanding of the environment the plastic must perform in combined with the broadest neutral portfolio of solutions.  We have specific portfolios for each of the key segments of the semiconductor industry:

  • Back End Test the most comprehensive portfolio on the globe that addresses the challenges presented by miniaturization
  • CMP the broadest range of materials for 150mm, 200mm and 300mm CMP retainer ring applications
  • Dry Environment & ESd materials for specialty applications ranging from wafer mobility & electronic fixturing to metrology and lithography applications.
  • Infrastructure & FM 4910 – materials for clean room construction, fab lining and process tool skins and windows
  • Wet Process materials for Clean, PVD, Wet Etch, ECD & various Wet Bench & Wet Process tool applications
  • Vacuum Chamber materials and plasma resistance materials for Etch, Vapor Deposition & Ion Implant applications