The Energy Industry for Plastics

The Energy Market is in the midst of a “Energy Transition” based on issues associated with the environmental and climate.  Growth is driven by new technology introduced in (upstream) exploration and production . The modern upstream oil and gas industry is focused on innovative approaches to access hydrocarbons while improving safety and mitigating negative environmental impact across the upstream production arena, including onshore, offshore, or subsea. Those who work in this industry put their lives on the line and there are potential risks to consider.  Whether its drilling on land or in the deep sea, Producers are continuously pushing the limits of their tooling to withstand the next challenging condition in search of faster oil & gas payouts located in distant and very remote areas. Engineers today are faced with several factors when considering an engineered polymer.

Port Plastics plays a essential role in the selection of engineered plastic materials for process equipment systems in the upstream, midstream, and the downstream market. We offer the unique understanding of the environment the plastic must perform in combined with the broadest neutral portfolio of polymer solutions. We offer several grades of plastics and machined components for the Energy industry

Solutions for the Energy Industrty: 

  • Valves - materials for static or dynamic applications operating low or high temperature with High pressure
  • Compressor - materials for elevated chemical resistance and temperatures to support extended operation in Turbo Compressor applications
  • Subsea Components - materials for specialty applications ranging High temperature connectors, floating risers, ROV’s, xtree components, downhole tools, valve seals, FPSO turret seals
  • Pump - the broadest range of materials for centrifugal single & multistage & process pumps; bushings, impellers, wear rings, guide rings
  • Upstream Aux comp. - the most comprehensive portfolio of materials for use in stimulation, completion, cementing and artificial lift – frac balls, frac plugs, bridge plugs, centralizers, drill casing liners, etc. that address the challenges deep in the well or with the frac liquid

Factors to Consider when Choosing:

  • Low temperature compatibility 
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Lifecycle
  • Wear resistance
  • HPHT
  • Reliability