Storage & Prep

Port Plastics is a leading supplier of hygienic materials for ancillary food preparation, storage, and safety barriers. Our products aid in the preservation of food integrity. Additionally, we provide industrial materials for commercial and retail food displays for hot and cold storage. Products meet the needs of cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and other large-footprint facilities requiring food-safe materials. ​​

Storage and Prep requirements​​

Our materials meet all food-related compliance and food prep health regulations. Contact surfaces are easily cleaned with industrial or household disinfectants to maintain a hygienic working environment. Non-porous surfaces minimize absorption rate and bacterial growth. Antimicrobial products lower the risk of cross-contamination. Barrier materials are resistant to stains, scratches, odor, and moisture. ​

  • Ice Chest Liners ​
  • Cutting Equipment ​
  • Hot Food Display​
  • Deli and Seafood Storage​
  • Bakery Merchandising 

Typical applications:

  • Liners ​
  • Cutting Boards ​
  • Shielding ​
  • Protective Profiles ​
  • Casters​
  • Thermoformed casing ​
  • Led Lighting ​​

Common materials used for Prep & Storage equipment:​​

  • PMMA ​
  • Rigid PVC​
  • Flexible  PVC​
  • PC​
  • ​HDPE​
  • Polypro ​
  • UHMW