PI - Polyimide Grades

PI Polyimide Grades

PI Polyimide Grades at Port Plastics are engineered for the most demanding applications, offering unparalleled performance in extreme conditions. These materials are known for their exceptional heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, and long-term durability. They are ideal for use in a range of industries, including aerospace, electronics, and automotive.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional heat resistance up to 500°F
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • High mechanical strength and stability at elevated temperatures
  • Resistance to chemicals and wear
  • Low outgassing, suitable for vacuum environments
  • Long-term dimensional stability


  • Electrical and thermal insulators in high-heat environments
  • Components for aerospace and automotive industries
  • Semiconductor and electronic assembly
  • Industrial machinery parts exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Scientific and analytical equipment