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Manufacturer: Quadrant


- Meets FDA and USDA guidelines; 3-A Dairy-approved (natural)

- Reduces noise

- Chemical, corrosion- and wear-resistant

- Self-lubricating

- Non-toxic, low-friction surface

- No moisture absorption

- Meets ASTM-D-4020-81 of 4.0 to 5.4- million molecular weight


An excellent general-purpose material, Tivar® 1000 (natural) is a cost-effective solution for food handling problems, and meets FDA, USDA and 3-A Dairy guidelines for food processing and handling. Poly Hi Solidur also offers custom colors compounded with FDA/USDA approved pigments, which meet FDA and USDA guidelines for food processing and handling.Whether your business is grain, pharmaceuticals, pizza dough or frozen poultry, Tivar® material will reliably move your materials and products.

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Features & Benefits

- Augers, bearings, chain sprockets, chain guides, chain tensioners, chute liners, deboning tables, filter press plates, flight wearshoes, flights, gears, grain strippers, guide rails and rollers, hopper liners, idlers, mixer bushings


Available in oversize sheets as well as three standard sheet sizes:
- 48" x 96" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/16" to 6"
- 48" x 120 "sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/16" to 6"
- 60" x 120" with gauge sizes ranging from 3/8" to 1".

- It is also available as extruded rod, board, tube, profiles, and compression molded parts. All can be manufactured and colored to your exact specifications.

- Comes in natural and custom colors



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