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Manufacturer: VYCOM

Seaboard PVC is a rigid expanded foam polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material designed to replace wood in virtually every non stress-bearing application. For outdoor house trim applications-- such as soffits, facias, battens and door pilasters-- Seaboard PVC offers an array of weatherability features not found in any known woods. These features include: resistance to rotting, moisture absorption, splitting and delamination. Can be used with no adverse effects where trim contacts masonry, ground or other potentially wet surfaces. Seaboard PVC is highly recommended for outdoor trim in areas known for high humidity such as seashore (salt air), high rainfall zones, etc. For indoor house finishing applications, Seaboard PVC is ideally suited for all window trim, door jams and stops, sills, sashes, crown molding, baseboard, chair rail, etc. It can also be used to fabricate complete assemblies such as kitchen wall and base cabinets, vanities, doors, and windows.


Key Benefits:

- Lightweight (.55g/cm3)

- Rot Resistant

- Will not delaminate

- Resists Splitting

- Insect resistant (including termites)

- Low thermal conductivity

- Lead, cadmium, barium, and zinc free

- Easily cleaned

- Uniform Color and Texture

- Easily Painted

- Superior water resistance and weatherability

- High insulation and sound absorption characteristics

- Easily Fabricated with woodworking tools; easy to cut, shape, glue, screw and nail


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Features & Benefits


- Thickness: 10mm - 25mm
- Width: 48" / 60"
- Length: 96" / 120"

- Thickness: 10mm - 25mm
- Width: 48"
- Length: 96" / 120"

- White, black, gray (8c)



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