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Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain

The Ultem®* 1000 series (unreinforced grade) is a high-performance plastic with an exceptional value. Ultem® offers very good chemical resistance, combined with steam resistance. It can withstand repeated autoclaving, which makes it an excellent choice for medical devices. Ultem® also has good dielectric properties over a wide frequency range and can be used to manufacture electrical and analytical instruments. It is a semi-transparent material, naturally amber in color. Ultem® is very rigid and dimensionally stable. These characteristics make it ideal for use in sensor housing, and electrical and aircraft components.

Product Features:

- Chemically resistant

- Steam-resistant

- Rigid and strong

- Continuous service temperature 325°F

- Autoclavable

- FDA approved

- USP Class VI compatible

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Features & Benefits

- Sensor housing
- Instrumentation
- Medical devices
- Aircraft components
- Electrical components
- Chemical processing
- Food and beverage industry



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