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Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain


- Fully fluorinated fluoropolymer tubing

- Opaque white to translucent in appearance

- High degree of rigidity

- Highest working temperature (up to 550°F [287°C]) of all the fluoropolymer tubings


Saint-Gobain's careful selection of resin type, particle size, temperature and pressure produces smooth, non-porous, dimensionally stable tubing. Made out of polytetrafluoroethylene resin, Chemfluor® PTFE Tubing has the highest working temperature of any fluoropolymer tubing available today. It is widely used as a pressure tubing in general chemical applications such as delivery of natural gas and mineral oils, toxic gas monitoring and paint, varnish or adhesive delivery lines. Chemfluor® PTFE Tubing also services numerous applications in the automotive, electrical and appliance markets.

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