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Manufacturer: Westlake

Made from HALAR® ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene resin, these products are virtually unaffected by most common corrosive chemicals. ECTFE products have excellent chemical and mechanical properties, impact strength, and a broad service use temperature. This polymer offers extremely low permeability to liquids, gases, and vapors. The following physical property information is based on typical values of the base HALAR 901 resin.


Advantages of ECTFE:

- High purity

- Flame resistant

- Impact resistant

- Excellent weatherability

- Low permeability

- UL V-0, FM 4910




- Machinable rod

- Machinable heavy gauge sheet

- Formable thin gauge sheet

- Film


ECTFE Products are:

- Resistant to strong bases, leaching, and permeation

- Optimal materials for use with strong hydroxide solutions, acetic acids, and solvents

- Chemical resistance up to 300°F

- Micro smooth with a surface that is highly resistant to bacterial adhesion and particulate generation

- Readily machinable and easily welded using standard plastic welding technology

- UL94 rated V-0 at .007" thick



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Features & Benefits

- Semiconductor process equipment
- Chemical storage, fluid handling
- Fire safe componentry
- Wafer cleaning equipment parts
- Wet etching equipment parts
- Filtration systems
- Wafer carriers for chemical or water wash
- DI water systems and tank linings


Halar® 300
- Film: .002"to .029"thick

Halar® 901
- Sheet (Extruded):.030"to 2"thick
- Sheet (Fabric Backed):.060"to 3 /16"thick
- Welding Rod: 1/8"and 5/32"diameter

Halar® 600
- Rod: 3/8" to 5" diameter

- Natural Beige
- Custom colors available


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