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Manufacturer: Westlake

(Machinable grade polycarbonate)


- Stress Relieved for Extensive Machining

- Dimensionally Stable


ZELUX® M stress relieved rod and heavy gauge sheet products can be machined into a wide variety of parts that offer dimensional stability at temperatures from -40°F to 280°F.


Impact Resistance:

- All non-reinforced: ZELUX® M products are virtually unbreakable, making them extremely safe when exposed to heavy impact. ZELUX® products tend to cold form rather than shatter, when subjected to repeated heavy blows.

- Stress Relieving: All ZELUX® M rod and heavy gauge sheet are stress relieved for close tolerance machining and dimensionally stable parts.

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Features & Benefits


Stock shapes:
- Rod: 1/8"- 15" -- (Stress Relieved)
- Heavy Gauge Sheet: 3/8" - 6" -- (Stress Relieved)
- Sheet to 49" x 97" Untrimmed up to 2" thick

- Natural (Transparent) and black


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