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Manufacturer: Westlake

(Window grade polycarbonate)


Available in thicknesses from 1/2" to 2". Custom orders on sheets up 60" x 120".


Virtually Unbreakable: The impact resistance of ZELUX® is outstanding. It is ductile and resists shattering and spalling.


Homogenous Polymer: The properties of ZELUX® W are consistent throughout each sheet. In addition, this consistency is maintained from sheet to sheet.


UV Stable: ZELUX® W is resistant to yellowing. Lightweight: ZELUX® W sheet is less than 1/2 the weight of glass when comparing sheets of the same size and thickness.


Cleanable: A variety of commercial cleaning materials such as Windex, Fantastik, Mr. Clean or isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean ZELUX® W products.


Low Outgassing


ZELUX® W (Window grade) sheet made from polycarbonate resin has many advantages over glass that make it an ideal replacement in almost any industrial situation.

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