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Manufacturer: Westlake

(Made from KYNAR® polyvinylidene fluoride resin)



- Machinable heavy gauge sheet

- Machinable rod

- Formable thin gauge sheet

- Film

- Easily rinsed clean and welded

All WESTLAKE® PVDF products are:

- Ultrapure Chemical and corrosion resistant at ambient and elevated temperatures

- Resistant to mineral acids, halogens, oxidants, chlorinated organics, bleaching solutions, most aromatic and aliphatic halogens,and deionized water

- Mechanically tough and abrasion resistant

- Able to withstand both high pressure and vacuums UL 94 rated V-O at thicknesses from .005", depending on the resin grade

- Available with several degrees of flexibility, depending on which type of KYNAR® resin is used.


Differences in the flexibility or stress crack resistance have no effect on the levels of extractables.


In addition, WESTLAKE® PVDF heavy gauge sheet and fabric backed sheet are available with an ultra smooth press polished surface.

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