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Manufacturer: Westlake

(Made from Acetal Copolymer Resin)


Acetal Copolymer

Pomalux® is a high-performance acetal copolymer that has excellent mechanical, electrical, and wear properties. It is engineered to provide outstanding dimensional stability, even when machining parts with complex geometries. Pomalux® is an excellent choice for many bearing and wear applications since it has low coefficient of friction and wears well in both wet and dry environments. It is widely used for assembly jigs and fixtures because of its inherent dimensional stability and excellent wear properties. Pomalux® is often specified for electrical applications when low moisture absorption and high dielectric strength are required. Both natural (white) and black Pomalux® are FDA compliant for use in food processing machinery.



Material characteristics:

Westlake Pomalux® sheet have many of the characteristics of metal including: Stiffness, dimensional stability, structural strength and spring-like resiliency. Pomalux products are inherently self-lubricating, making them ideally suited for wear applications.

Stress relieving:

All Westlake Pomalux® heavy gauge sheets are stress relieved for easy machining. Extruded heavy gauge sheet (2-1/2-6") are stress relieved by annealing. Compression molded sheet (1/4" - 2") is inherently stress relieved, which results in very low residual stress and superior flatness and straightness.

Large compression molded sheet (up to 61" x 121"):

Westlake is the only company capable of making 72" x 144" compression molded acetal copolymer sheet in standard sizes 48" x 121" and 61" x 121". These Pomalux® sheets are ideal for large fabricated parts or multiple parts where a large sheet offers better yields. 72" x 144" sheet is available on a custom basis.

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Features & Benefits

- Jigs and fixtures
- Pump and valve parts
- Bushings
- Bearings
- Gears
- Wear pads
- Electrical components


Stock shapes:
- Heavy Gauge Sheet (2-1/2- 6") -- Extruded (Stress Relieved)
- Heavy Gauge Sheet (1/4"- 2") -- Compression Molded (Stress Relieved)
- Thin Gauge Sheet -- Extruded (Non-Stress Relieved)
- Rod (1/8"- 8") -- Extruded (Stress Relieved)

Stock colors: Natural (White), black


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