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Manufacturer: SC Technologies

Plastic sheet products combining the highest quality plastic substrates with clear static dissipative coatings to provide contamination and static control in ultra-clean and electrostatic discharge-safe environments. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC and other plastic sheet products are available in clear, tinted and opaque versions.


Humidity independent, permanent static control from two surface types:


C-300TM General Purpose Surface

A hard, durable, chemically resistant coating which is excellent for applications in which the sheet will be used in flat configurations. This surface should be removed prior to adhesive bonding.


C-350TM Bending Grade Surface

A softer, more flexible coating which is recommended whenever the application requires heat bending or heat forming. This surface does not have to be removed before adhesive bonding.

StatiCon® Glazing Products:

- All clean room construction applications

- Fixed glazing

- Airflow screens

- Partitions

- Window walls

- Pass-thru modules

- Equipment enclosures

- Static Control


Plastic Sheet Products:

- Equipment and industrial applications

- Machine covers

- Enclosures

- Access panels, and doors

- Desiccator boxes and cabinets

- Conveyor covers; machine guards; and static shields

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Features & Benefits


- Thickness (standard) 1/8"-1/2"
- Sheet size (standard) 48" x 96"
- Other widths and thicknesses available on request



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