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Manufacturer: Bayer MaterialScience

With impact strength 30 times that of acrylic and approximately 10 times that of impact modified acrylic, Makrolon® SunLife offers the additional benefit of a protective surface layer for exceptional resistance to weathering and color shift. Unlike solvent based technologies, Makrolon® SunLife is co-extruded and requires no special forming techniques or molds. Additionally, SunLife can be cold formed to 100 times its thickness for cost-effective barrel vaults and covered walkways. Makrolon® SunLife sheet is a polished-enhanced, UV-resistant polycarbonate with exceptional weatherability and superior impact strength. Makrolon® SunLife offers an extended service life and resistance to color shift. Makrolon® SunLife is easily formed, fabricated & decorated, and requires no special forming techniques on male or female molds.



- Excellent resistance to UV weathering and yellowing

- Cold forms to tight radii

- No special molds, techniques or release agents required

- Clear, white & solar colors

- Superior formability compared to competitive products

- Excel is available two sides

- Full 10-year warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing, loss of light transmittance


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Features & Benefits

- Covered walkways
- Barrel vaults, windows, bus shelters
- Thermoformed skylights


- Sheet (Polished surfaces/UV-coat 1 side): Gauges: 3/32" - 3/16", Lengths: 100", 125", Widths: 52", 64", 75", 100"
- Reel (Polished surfaces/UV-coar 1 side):Gauges: 3/32" - 3/16", Lengths: 300', 450', Widths: 55", 66", 76", 102"

- Clear, White (Sunlife is also used in signs exposed to extreme sunlight)


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