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Manufacturer: Techflex

FLEXO® is a lightweight jacketing for bundling and protecting wire, cables and hoses. Braided from high temperature yarns, FLEXO® offers total protection for wire and cable assemblies. The open braid feature allows easy visual inspection and quick repair. The unique expansion characteristic makes FLEXO® easy to slip on. Only a few sizes are needed to cover a large diameter range since each size of FLEXO® expands up to four times its normal diameter. Extremely flexible, FLEXO® offers good abrasion protection while maintaining its lightweight, self-fitting feature. Contact Port Plastics for more information.




- Because of its high temperature and flame retardant properties, and excellent chemical resistance, is commonly used in aerospace and vital military.

- Material: E-CTFE Fluoropolymer .010" monofilament

- Temperature Rating: Melt Temp 250°C: Continuous Operating Temp: -75°C to 160°C.

- Flame Resistance: VW-1 or FR-1 Oxygen index of 64

- Tensile Test: 73% rentention of strength



- High temperature

- Lightweight

- Flexible

- Durable

- Easy to apply

- Chemical resistant

- Flame retardant

- Attractive

- Cost effective




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