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Manufacturer: Techflex

Product construction:

FLEXO® WRAP is a lightweight, expandable, braided monofilament sleeving with a hook and loop fastener designed to allow easy wrap bundling and protection for wires, cables, hoses and tubes. Braided from durable P.E.T. monofilaments for continuous protection from abrasion and environmental wear. Resistant to U.V. light, most chemicals and common solvents, Will not degrade when exposed to fuels, oils, grease or salt water, and impervious to rot and fungus. Melting temperature is 250°C on the monofilament and 260°C on the fastener. Available in standard or flame retardant grades.



- Easy on and off wrap sleeving for new and existing harness

- Convenient spot access for rework on specific sections of the harness

- Open weave design conforms to a variety of bundle diameters and irregular shapes

- Easy access for harness breakouts

- High abrasion, cut through, heat, rod, and chemical resistance

- No tool required to close fastener


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Features & Benefits

- FlexoWrap neatly bundles and protects wires, cables, hoses, and tubes. The hook and loop fastener design allows easy wrap harness assembly and easy access for harness rework without disrupting existing connections, or routing sleeving over the entire bundle.



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