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Manufacturer: Hellermann Tyton

Material Specifications:

Environmental factors can have an adverse effect on cable ties. It is very important to use the most suitable material for each application. Hellermann Tyton cable ties are available in a variety of materials ranging from polyamides to fluoropolymers.

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Features & Benefits

General Purpose Applications:
- Nylon 6/6 - General Purpose:
General purpose Nylon 6/6 features light weight, high strength, and a wide temperature range. Even at higher than recommended temperatures or exposure to flame, Nylon does not give off toxic or irritating by-products. Nylon 6/6 is hygroscopic and therefore, absorbs or releases moisture depending on its environment. Moisture level of the material will affect tensile strength, stiffness, and elongation of the product.

Outdoor Applications:
- Nylon 6/6 - UV Stabilized:
This is a general purpose Nylon 6/6 with increased resistance to ultraviolet light. UV stabilization is accomplished by dispersing 2% carbon black particles or other additives in the Nylon resin. It is excellent for outdoor applications.

- Nylon 6/6 - UV Stabilized/Heat Stabilized:
This general purpose Nylon 6/6 has combined properties of being hear and UV stabilized.

- Polypropylene - UV Stabilized:
With all the qualities of general purpose polypropylene, this material also has the ability to withstand ultraviolet light exposure.

- Nylon 12 - UV Stabilized:
Although weaker than Nylon 6/6 (about 52%), Nylon 12 is extremely flexible, absorbs little moisture, ages better, and has better chemical and UV resistance than general purpose Nylon 6/6.




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