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Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain

Chemfluor® 367, a unique fluoropolymer tubing, maintains fluid integrity and in many significant ways outperforms tubing made from standard, even high-purity PFA resin, resulting in less cross contamination, greater productivity yields and wasier to clean systems. Chemfluor® 376 also has one of the lowest parts-per-billion of leachables when tested with DI water and nitric acid.


A working temperature range of -400°F (-240°C) to 450°F (232°C), Chemfluor® Scientific Grade Tubing can be used in virtually any application where maintainnig high purity is critical.



- Superior clarity and surface smoothness as compared to other fluoropolymers

- Very low extractables with deionized water and acids

- Resistant to virtually all chemicals

- Excellent mechanical properties






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Features & Benefits

- Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and environmental industries; food processing and chemical processing industries; biotechnology, autoanalyzer, and nuclear industries.

- Chemfluor® Scientific Grade Tubing is ideally suited for applications where the process is dependent on maintaining fluid integrity. This unique fluoropolymer tubing outperforms tubing made from traditional or high purity PFA resins. Its surface smoothness is up to six times smoother, reducing risk of cross contamination, improving product yields and helping ensure through cleaning cycles. Independently conducted extraction testing shows Chemfluor® Scientific Grade Tubing to have one of the lowest parts per billion counts of trace metals.

- With its exceptionally smooth surface, low extractables, superior clarity, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding mechanical properties, and a working temperature range of 400ºF (-240ºC) to 450ºF (232ºC), Chemfluor® Scientific Grade Tubing can be used in virtually any application where maintaining high purity is critical.


- Custom sizes available


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