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Manufacturer: Quadrant

Acetron LSG stock shapes are produced from selected batches of polyacetal copolymer resin and are available in several colors for size differentiation in trial implants. The material combines good mechanical strength, stiffness, impact strength, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and friction and wear properties with excellent machinability. The compositions of the resins used for the production of the Acetron LSG stock shapes comply with the regulations that apply in the Member States of the European Union (Directive 2002/72/EC, as amended) and in the United States of America (FDA) for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. Acetron LSG stock shapes have also been successfully type tested for their compliance with ISO 10993-1 guideline requirements for Biocompatibility Testing of Materials, and they come with full traceability from resin to stock shape.

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Features & Benefits

- Specifically developed for medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications
- Low moisture absorption and good overall dimensional stability and strength
- No centerline porosity


- COLORS: Natural (white), black, yellow, red, blue, green brown
- Rod and plate sizes: Standard configurations for machining



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