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Manufacturer: MultiCam

Our MultiCam 3000 CNC Router is precisely controlled by a computer program, under the watchful eye of a skilled CNC Operator. Call us before you purchase your materials anywhere else, let us help you select the perfect product for your project. We have have a wide selection of Engineering Plastics specifically designed for extreme mechanical forces in harsh environments and plastics designed for almost any other purpose. See RELATED RESOURCES tab below.

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MultiCam 3000 Series Nested Based CNC Router

Model: 304
L: 183"
L1: 152"
W: 115"
W1: 95"
H: 77"
Work Area: 80" x 122"
Weight: 5920 lbs

Designed for a wide range of nested based panel processing applications, the 3000-NB Series machines are the perfect solution for companies looking for value and high-performance in a CNC router. The multifunction drill unit along with the automatic tool changer (ATC) gives the user maximum machining flexibility. The 32mm “on center” boring unit is available in a 5x5 drill bank (9 drills total) or 5 inline drills for gang drilling shelf mounting holes in cabinetry. Designed for a wide range of applications, the 3000 NB Series machine is loaded with features normally associated with more expensive machines and is ideal for cabinet making and other nested based panel-processing applications.


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