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Manufacturer: Ensinger

A PBT polyester with outstanding wear properties; exhibiting low wear and good lubricity with a low coefficient of friction. Hydex® 4101 has excellent chemical resistance, good impact and moderate temperature resistance. This material also offers outstanding machinability and is more forgiving than PET polyester during fabrication. Hydex® 4101 comes in both a white (natural) color and black. It is a standard stock material in a wide range of diameters and thicknesses.


- No Center Line Porosity

- Superior Chemical Resistance

- Low Coefficient of Friction

- Good Impact and Ductility

- Hard Durable Surface

- FDA Approved Grades


Hydex® 4101:

- Withstands the steam cleaning temperatures and outperforms UHMW

- Has improved chemical resistance over acetals and will not crack or craze in chlorine

- Is more ductile and less brittle than PET

- Does not chip or contaminate food products

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Features & Benefits

- Food Piston Pumps
- Values, value bodies
- Feeder blocks
- Gears
- Timing screws
- Wear strips


- Rod : .25" to 8"
- Slab : .25" to 4"



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