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Manufacturer: ACP


- Electrostatic decay in less than 0.05 seconds per Federal Test
- Standard 101C, Method 4046.1
- Standard surface resistivity of 10*6 - 10*8 ohms per square plus optional availability up to 10*9 ohms per -square
- Permanence in static dissipation performance
- Humidity independent static charge control
- Advanced technology, uniform surface treatment
- Superior impact resistance
- Excellent optical properties
- Hard, abrasion resistant, durable surface
- Superior chemical resistance

Excellent for use in fabricated parts. It is flexible enough to be thermally formed yet clear and hard for panel applications.


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Features & Benefits

Noxtat™- Acrylic and Polycarbonate is widely used in the semiconductor, electronic, micro-manufacturing industries and many general industrial applications.
- Covers
- Guards
- Access Panels
- Window and doors for machines
- Electronic equipment and process instrumentation
- Conveyor line covers
- Clean room windows and doors
- Partitions and pass-thru modules
- Static control shields


- Thickness: 10-90 mils, 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
- Sheet sizes: 48" x 96" (24" x 48" for thin films)
- Other sizes/thickness available upon request
- Normal P.T.V. thickness is 0.030 or 0.060 to fit framing requirements.

- Clear
- Transparent gray
- Bronze

Other colors including tints which provide filtering of wave lengths that can interfere with processing operations are available by special order.



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