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Manufacturer: Norplex-Micarta

Static Dissipative Laminates

Micarta® StatNot is the superior high performance composite to protect sensitive electronic applications from ESD damage. Its high temperature glass epoxy formulation is ideally suited to test, assembly, and manufacturing work surfaces, as well as any other situation where highly effective electrostatic dissipative protection is required. Micarta StatNot utilizes a newly formulated, proprietary high strength conductive material, compounded as an integral part of the epoxy resin and impregnated into a woven glass substrate.

The ESD material retains the high strength, dimensional stability, and chemical and thermal resistance of epoxy glass (G-10/FR-4), with the added feature of an ESD-resistant surface that will not rub off, wear or diminish over time. In addition, the StatNot (H-27210) material utilizes a high temperature resin system which enables continuous operating performance to 360°F (180°C).



    - High strength
    - Excellent dimensional stability
    - 5 times the stiffness of leading thermoplastics
    - Printable surface
    - Cost-effective solution to ESD protection
    - Eliminates cracking and chipping
    - Uniform thickness of ESD protection across the sheet, as compared to coatings
    - StatNot Surface (1 or 2 Sides) will bleed static when properly grounded 
    - Properties dominated by the FR-$ substrate 
    - Surface is a laminate layer, not a surface treatment
    - StatNot™ throughout has slightly different properties, and is formulated as a high temperature epoxy loaded with the conductive component

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Features & Benefits

- Automated test equipment
- Assembly fixtures
- Solder pallets
- Carrier pallets
- Enclosures
- Work surfaces


- 4' x 8', 4' x 9' Other (non-standard) sizes.
- Thickness to specification.

- Black



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