What is a Compressor?

Compressor is a PUMP that compresses and moves compressible fluids.  A compressor is as a mechanical device that is functionally critical in industries such as the petrochemical and oil & gas industries which play an important role in energy production.

Engineered Thermoplastics play a critical role for various compressor part suchas Shrouds, Vane Plates, Wear Rings and other seals to reduce clearances reduce wear which improves performance and elevate efficiencies.

Improving efficiency in the process by upgrading to Polymer Seals

Metal Seals
Polymer Seals

Thermoplastic Labyrinth Seals:

Engineered polymer seals support the close-fitting radial clearances that reduces lower leakage of process gases.  The self-lubricating polymers used offer extended service life as compared to its metal counterparts. Polymer based seals replaced extend service life, and when overhauls are expected increase the MTBR. Port Plastic supports these activities with the most capable network of service centers in North America.

Labyrinth Seals

A labyrinth seal is essentially a series of annular orifices applied to seal an area of high pressure from an area of low pressure. Labyrinth seals provide an allowable minimum leakage based on a calculated radial clearance at each area. In a centrifugal compressor, the impeller eye seals, the shaft seals between impellers, and the balance piston seal all are sealing a high-pressure area from a low-pressure area.

The following parameters are critical in selecting the correct polymers.

  • Corrosive resistance – Chemical Exposure/Process Fluid
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Process Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Seal Design Types
  • Tooth on Rotor
  • Tooth on Stator
Typical Labyrinth seal applications

Typical Labyrinth Applications using Polymer Seals :

  • Shaft Seals
  • Impeller Eye Seals
  • Balance Piston Seals
  • Gas Seals
  • Secondary Seals
  • Valve Plates/Poppets
  • Piston Rings, Guide rings

Common Materials used in Compressors:

  • Peek
  • PEK
  • Carbon Fiber Filled Peek
  • Engineered Grades of PTFE
  • PAI