Nylon Grades

Nylatron® 66 SA FST

Nylatron® 66 SA FST is a specifically designed polymer solution for aircraft interior applications. Its unique features make it the first engineering plastic product of its


Sustamid 6G ESD 60 is a high-molecular and semi-crystalline thermoplastic form-polymerised Polyamide 6. Benefits of Sustamid 6G ESD 60: Good compressive strength Good machinability Electrically


Sustamid 6G ESD 90 uses Nylon PA 6 which offers the toughness known from Nylon in a unique Static Dissipative product. Key attributes are high

TECAST® T natural – PA 6 C

TECAST® T natural cast nylon offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large size capabilities of the casting

TECAST® L natural

TECAST® L natural is an oil-filled cast nylon type 6 used in applications that require excellent bearing and wear properties, and where external lubrication is

TECAMID® 66 natural – PA 66 UNFILLED

TECAMID® 66 natural has good rigidity, hardness, abrasion resistance and thermal dimensional stability. In addition, nylon 66 has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties.


TECAMID® 612 consists of nylon generally has outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. It has very good temperature, chemical, and impact properties. However, nylon’s


TECAGLIDE® green is an internally lubricated cast nylon that utilizes a proprietary solid lubricant package. This state-of-the-art technology allows the modified PA6 cast to show


TECAGLIDE® Black is an internally lubricated cast nylon that utilizes a proprietary solid lubricant package. This state-of-the-art technology allows for extremely good sliding and wear

Nylatron® WP PA6

Nylatron® WP PA6 outperforms its competition across a wide range of applications and in multiple industries. Nylatron WP offers an economical solution to provide superior

Nylatron® SLG-FDA PA6

Nylatron® SLG-FDA PA6 takes the performance of Nylatron® LIG PA6 and adds FDA compliance for appplications where food contact is possible.  Food packaging and processing

Nylatron® MC® 907 PA6

Nylatron® MC 907 PA6 consists of an unmodified type 6 nylon offering the highest strength and hardness of the nylon 6 grades. MC 907 natural

Nylatron® MC901 HS PA6

Nylatron® MC901 HS PA6 is a heat stabilized nylon offering long-term thermal stability to 260°F. It is blue in color and used in a variety

Nylatron® GSM PA6

Nylatron® GSM PA6 contains finely divided particles of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) to enhance its load bearing capabilities while maintaining the impact resistance inherent to nylon.

Nylatron® GF30 PA66

Nylatron® GF30 PA66 is excellent for applications requiring higher compressive strength and rigidity, 30% glass reinforced Nylon 6/6 is also available. It is stocked in

Nylatron® 703XL PA6

Nylatron® 703XL PA6 is an ultra-high performance bearing grade of PA6 provides wear resistance near the levels of Nylatron NSM PA6 with superior load bearing

Nylatron® 4.6 PA46

Nylatron® 4.6 PA46 offers superior heat aging and creep resistance and retention of stiffness up to 300°F.  It is reddish brown in color and used


NYCAST® XHA — Blue offers a heat stabilized cast nylon 6. The heat stabilizer retards the loss of physical properties as temperature increases – this


NYCAST® SLX closes the gap between static and dynamic coefficients of friction with superior performance where customers require the best material for overcoming “stick-slip” tendencies.


NYCAST® RX (red), NYCAST GX (grey) and NYCAST BX (black) are our solid lubricant-filled cast nylons. This material is designed to provide low coefficient of


NYCAST® NYLOIL®MDX Gray, MDX Blue is a cast nylon material with built-in lubrication, and it provides superior machinability, performance, and durability compared to other plastic


NYCAST® NYLOIL is carefully dispersed with an oil-based lubricant during the manufacturing process. The result is a high crystalline, internally homogeneously lubricated, high-strength polymer with


NYCAST® 6PA MoS2 combines the advantages of a polymer and a successful approved lubricant in one fascinating material that is widely used in the industry.


NYCAST® 6PA has a high crystallinity paired with high compression strength and impact resistance. This material has delivered successful performance throughout the years. Advantages of

NYCAST® 6 MPB (blue) & MPY (yellow)

NYCAST® 6 MPB (blue) & MPY (yellow) formulations provide  performance advantages in applications that require improved impact properties over standard grades. NYCAST 6MP cushion pads


NYCAST® 12 offers superior performance in applications where dimensional stability, chemical resistance, dielectrics, abrasion resistance and impact strength are important factors. In wet or dry

Cable Ties

Environmental factors can have an adverse effect on cable ties.

Flexo® Wrap

FLEXO® WRAP is a lightweight, expandable, braided monofilament sleeving with a hook and loop fastener designed to allow easy wrap bundling and protection for wires, cables, hoses and tubes.


Convoluted Tubing

Convoluted tubing provides an efficient method of routing and protecting wire harness assemblies, while reducing the chance of installation damage and protecting valuable wiring circuits.

Nylon 101 PA66

Of all the unmodified nylons, Nylon 101 is the strongest, most rigid and has one of the highest melting points.


Sustamid 6G possesses high compressive strength and wear resistance and a high degree of crystalization.

Nylatron® GSM Blue PA6

The first cast nylon to combine both molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and oil for the load capability of Nylatron® GSM nylon, plus improved frictional characteristics.

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