Sanatec® Lite HDPE

Sanatec® Lite HDPE is produced utilizing co-extrusion technology that enables construction of solid outer surfaces with a foamed core. The core is produced with a

Sanatec® HDPE

Sanatec® HDPE is a formulated non-porous, high density material for food processing applications with superior scratch resistance. It will not absorb moisture, bacteria, or odors.

TimberLine™– Woodgrain HDPE

TimberLine™– Woodgrain HDPE Sheet captures the eye with embossed woodgrain and unique coloring sheet to sheet, opening up new potential for cabinetry, kitchens, landscape architecture,

Seaboard® Utility

Seaboard® Utility is an economical grade of lightweight foamed HDPE that is ideal for non-UV applications. Advantages of Seaboard® Utility: Superior scratch resistance Superior screw

Seaboard® Supreme DS

Seaboard® Supreme DS is a specially formulated foamed core material that has more stiffness and twice the normal dimensional stability of Seaboard® HDPE. Advantages of

Seaboard® Grip-X™

Seaboard® Grip-X™ UV stabilized material is textured for enhanced traction and slip resistance. It is ideal for step and flooring applications. Advantages of Seaboard® Grip-X™:

Sanatec® PP

Sanatec® PP is a polypropylene cutting board material with a hard surface and improved stain resistance. Advantages of Sanatec® PP: Improved stain resistance Harder surface

Flametec® Kytec® CP-7D

Flametec® Kytec® CP-7D is a proprietary formulation of flame retardant polypropylene is designed for wet process tools, furniture, and cabinetry construction for the semiconductor industry.

Flametec® Kytec® Cleanroom PVC-C

Flametec® Cleanroom PVC-C sheet material is designed to be the most economical choice in FM 4910 materials for use in the construction of wet benches,

Corrtec® Vintec® Clear

Corrtec® Vintec® Clear is a clear plastic material that’s highly recommended as a plexiglass alternative where visibility of operations and processes is essential or when

Corrtec® Vintec II® PVC

Corrtec® Vintec II® PVC is a high impact, corrosion resistant PVC sheet. Its excellent impact resistance and ductility are ideally suited for applications that require

Corrtec® Vintec I® PVC

Corrtec® Vintec I® PVC is a normal impact, highly corrosion resistant PVC sheet. Its exceptional corrosion resistance is ideally suited for applications where maximum chemical

Corrtec® Protec™ PP

Corrtec® Protec™ PP chemical and corrosion resistant materials exhibit excellent tensile stiffness and mechanical properties for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. Advantages

Corrtec® Protec™ COPP

Corrtec® Protec™ COPP provides high levels of impact and corrosion resistance. It’s a great material for tank fabrication, orthotic and prosthetic devices, and many more

Celtec® Expanded PVC

Celtec® Expanded PVC family of graphic and display materials, pvc foam boards and expanded pvc sheets offers the print and design communities a broad range

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White)

Celtec® Solid PVC (Ultra White) designed specifically for outdoor applications where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and impact strength are critical. Performance tests indicate that

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC

Celtec® Thick Gauge PVC material offers the print and design communities the flexibility to go bold with creativity while enjoying the same quality and ease

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC

Celtec® Woodgrain PVC sheets are designed for wide format display applications that demand the highest quality wood grain board materials, Celtec® Woodgrain adds a striking

Celtec® DigiLite®

Celtec® DigiLite® low density PVC foam board delivers economical design flexibility for sign makers and printers, backed by the same premium print quality as our

Flametec® CP5

Flametec® CP5 flame retardant polypropylene sheet meets the SEMI S93 specification for fire safety in cleanroom applications, and UL 94V0 requirements.

Flametec® Kytec® PVDF

Flametec® Kytec® is a fluoropolymer that is versatile engineering plastic with a balance of physical and chemical properties that qualify it for high performance service in a wide range of applications.

Corrtec® CPVC

Chemical resistance: Corzan® CPVC resists a wide variety of corrosive chemicals at elevated temperatures up to 210°F.


Kytec® polyvinylidene fluoride, the homopolymer of 1, 1-difluoroethene, is a tough engineering thermoplastic that offers a unique balance of properties.

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